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To Launch The Online Athlete Program, we want to invite athletes across Australia to participate in our month-free trial! 


The online Athlete Program is changing the game of athletic online coaching. With customised weights, tailored running, stretching, mobility and injury prevention exercises, every Online Athlete now has support from World Class RSS Strength and Conditioning Coaches. 


The Online Athlete program is Led by Senior Performance Coaches Brad Lawton and Daniel Robson-Petch, both holding a Masters in Sports Science and a combined 20 years of experience in athletic development. 


For Athletes who are unable to participate at the Athlete Hubs physical locations, RSS and our elite programs are now available across Australia!

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The Biggest S&C Provider in QLD is now open to all of Australia!


RSS is extremely excited to announce the development of our online program led by RSS Senior Performance Coach Bradley Lawton. Brad has a Masters in Exercise Science and 10 years of experience working with Semi Professional and Elite Athletes. 


The Online Athlete program is designed to provide Athletes across the Australia the complete Athlete Hub experience. Each athlete will receive tailored programming, regular touch points, physio/rehab support and complete 24/7 access to World Gym Australia. 


Every Online Athlete will have access to visit the RSS Athlete Hub locations. The Online Athlete program is revolutionising the capabilities of online training, providing greater support to athletes and expanding the available resources to Athletes across the nation.

The Online Athlete Trial Benefits 

  • Semi-Tailored Strength Programming 

  • Running/Conditioning Programming 

  • Video Exercise Tutorials 

  • Real-Time Data Reporting

  • Online Support 

  • 1x FeedBack Call 

  • Complimentary Program Adjustments

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