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Challenge yourself to be bold, to be relentless and above all, driven to WIN. With your dedication and commitment to Queensland's best athlete program, we will turn you into a competitive beast who doesn't play for participation. Every athlete who joins The Athlete Hub is given immeasurable support. We take your physical, mental and overall health and pressure of being an athlete and we place it on our shoulders.


Is it time that you finally take your craving for winning and ask for expert help? There is no more guesswork. We plan your running, prehab, strength sessions, recovery and anything else you need to be competitive and above all, WIN. 


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Athlete Hub Joining Process 

Step 1: Athlete Phone Call Screening

Starting your journey at the Athlete Hub begins with a brief 10-minute phone call to learn more about you, your goals and your reason for calling. You will speak with a professional member of the RSS team who will then book you in with a day and time to commence your Performance Testing.

Step 3: Match your Performance Coach

After Performance testing, you will be allocated a mentor performance coach who will guide you through your Athletic Journey. This will be by way of email or in-person introductions. At times, the coach running Performancing Testing may be your designated mentor coach. This will depend on the days and times in which you intend to train, the sport you play and your coaching preference.

Step 2: Performance Testing

Every Athlete looking to join a program at the Athlete Hub will be required to complete our Performance or Rehab testing battery. This is performed by a University Qualified Sports Scientist or Exercise Physiologist, depending on your goals as discussed in the initial Phone Screening. Performance Testing comprises a comprehensive biomechanical and anatomical overview of your body, how it moves, your strength levels, mobility, asymmetry and power output. These results are collated to create your personalised program for the next 12 weeks at the Athlete Hub.

Step 4: Program Creation

Post Testing, Your Mentor Performance Coach will collate your testing data and get working on a program that suits your goals, timelines and testing performance. This program will be individually tailored to meet your needs and shared with you via your email so you have access to your program anywhere you go. Typically our programs are built in four-week blocks unless this requires adjusting due to specific timelines or circumstances. The program will clearly outline your sets, reps, weights and exercise selection.

Step 5: Introductory session

Upon completion of your program, you will meet your Mentor S&C coach at the Athlete Hub during Athlete Hub hours to be introduced to your new strength and conditioning program. Your coach will be there to guide you through the first session in its entirety whilst also answering any questions you may have about your program. Upon completion of day one, be sure to confirm your weights for the session and book your second session via our booking App!


How does the Program Work?

Every Athlete starts a team athlete program with a comprehensive performance testing battery designed to showcase their strengths and weaknesses as an individual. Our testing battery is comprised of movement/mobility, muscle activation, strength, power, acceleration and asymmetry tests.  Your results are recorded in our very own RSS testing battery sheet which we keep for ours and your records. This is your new baseline. 


After testing, you will be allocated a mentor coach. This is your new Strength and Conditioning Coach who will guide you through your training career and help you reach your ultimate potential as an athlete. All RSS Coaches are university qualified Sports Scientists or Exercise Physiologists accredited by The Exercise Association of Australia who specialise in athletic development. These coaches have previously or currently worked in semi-professional or elite sport and will work with you, your skills coach or any other team member to get you to your goals. 


Your allocated coach will write you a specific plan based on your testing results, sport requirements, training age, physical capabilities and phase of training/competition. This plan will be updated every 3-5 weeks or it can be changed within 72 hours depending on a change of circumstance. This will comprise of specific strength sessions and conditioning/running to specifically improve your sport and position requirements. Our programs leave no stone unturned meaning you will see the likes of de-load weeks, intensity blocks and of legs conditioning as extras!


As a team Athlete, you will participate in any of our open group strength and conditioning sessions. Our Strength sessions are run as an open time slot, meaning you can arrive at any time and a coach will be there to assist you with your program. Our coaches will facilitate the program written by your mentor coach and add, takeaway or make adjustments on the day if so required. We understand athletes may have bad days where they are feeling tired and unmotivated. We can account for these and make the necessary adjustments on the spot to ensure you walk out feeling accomplished with the work you achieved. All changes to your program will be written into your specific document for your mentor coach to see and comment on. Our in house communication makes working as a team easy, ensuring the athlete is consistently given our best support and up to date knowledge. 


Throughout the schedule, you will notice group sessions including boxing, kickboxing, low impact conditioning, outdoor conditioning and sweat sesh. These are all group run sessions that are designed to provide variety to your training, improve your cardiovascular strength and assist in recovery. These are rotated throughout different cycles, so you may not see them all there at once! Use these as a tool to assist your current conditioning program. (Your mentor coach may program these sessions into your schedule!)


The Team Athlete Program is created purely to improve your performance as an athlete by giving you continuous and constant support. At all times your program can be supervised, managed and updated to suit your situation. In case of a Covid Lockdown, all team athletes will be given a take-home kit of weights, bands and any other equipment required to ensure your program continues. Receive support from some of Australias most experienced and qualified coaches with proven records and incredible results. Click book my performance testing to get yourself started! 

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Resistance Sports Science Brisbane's premier Athlete Hub is powered by State of Art Technology which enables our coaches to analyse real-time data and deliver elite-level programs to all of our athletes.


VALD Performance Testing
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science

The Performance Programs

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  • 1x Weekly Individual Training Session

  • World Gym Membership Included

  •  Tailored Programs

  • Free Weekly Physio

  • Conditioning Programs

  • 4x one on one Performance Testing and Evaluations

solo athlete


per week

Best Gym In Enoggera Brisbane North Side
  • Comprehensive initial performance testing and data analytics

  • Individualised Programs

  • World Gym Membership Included

  • Unlimited Supervised Group Sessions

  •    Free Weekly Physio

  • 4x Group Performance testings (Quarterly)

  •  Access to over 22 group sessions.

team athlete


per week

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  • Comprehensive initial performance testing and data analytics

  • 1x Weekly 1 on 1 Session

  • World Gym Membership Included

  •  Individualised Programs

  • Unlimited Supervised Group Sessions

  •  Free Weekly Physio

  • 4x Individual Performance Testings (Quarterly)

  • Access to over 22 group sessions.

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per week

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Lucas Deer

Resistance Sport Science has the most amazing team and friendly staff. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone, who is looking for a friendly, welcoming gym in the Brisbane area. Their ability to encompass all things fitness is absolutely astounding, they have everything from a fully functioning gym, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, physios, and massage therapists. Their ability to envelop, everyone from elite athletes to the athlete's recovering from injuries is like no other gym found in Brisbane. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone and everyone.

Clara Smith, Athletics training, athletics strength training, endurance programs, endurance coaching

Clara Smith

I have been training with Resistance Sports Science for over a year now and they have immensely helped me with a sporting injury that I had while training to represent Australia on the world stage. They have given me sports specific strength and conditioning programs as well as improving my general fitness. The staff are extremely fun and welcoming and the gym is always clean. I am very happy with this venue and will be working with them in the future as I believe they have the knowledge that will help me succeed as an Australian Athlete. Very grateful.

Natassja Purontakanen, ACL Rehab, ACL Physio, ACL Exercise Physiology, Return to sport rehab

Natassja Purontakanen

I have been training with Dan who’s helping me with my late stages of rehab for an ACL injury. His knowledge has been nothing short of amazing not just to fix my injury but to make me a better and stronger athlete, his physio-guided programs and integration within his team has ensured me back to a full recovery.


My program is fully tailored for me and my sport, couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

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