Athlete insurance

Did you know that as a registered athlete of a sporting organisation you are covered by your clubs insurance for any exercise rehabilitation at Resistance Sports Science.  The process is simple and cost effective with most claims rebating the athlete between 75-100% of all non medicare expenses.


The services this includes at RSS is Sports Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science and Remedial Massage. For athletes with private health insurance, these claims become even more cost effective with many insurance agencies cutting any excess costs. (Usually ranging from 20-$100 per claim).


To get access to the RSS Insurance Rebate Program, ensure you fill out the RSS injury assessment form and book an appointment with a Resistance Sports Physio to complete the remaining paperwork. Note this initial assessment is covered by insurance also. Resistance Sports Science staff are happy to facilitate any athletes looking to claim injury rehab rebates, our aim is to make the process as seamless and time efficient as possible with the ultimate goal of getting you back to sport within elite timeframes.

Football Injured Athlete Claims Brisbane



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