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What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is a series of massage techniques including long strokes and deep pressure point compression which has proven results in positively enhancing blood flow, decreasing inflammation, reducing muscle tension and increasing joint range of motion. Resistance Sports Science Remedial Therapists will use a variety of massage techniques, modified to the injury and athlete body type they are working with. The firm pressure applied is perfect for patients suffering from muscle and joint pain, induced training fatigue and post-competition soreness. 

Enoggera Remedial Massage Therapy 

What Will A Deep Tissue Massage Treatment Include?

Other Injuries Treated with Remedial Deep Tissue Massage?

Shin Splints and Compartment Syndrome

Remedial Massage can assist with muscular and fascial tightness causing pain within the four compartments of the lower limb. Deep tissue massage between the ankle and knee joint can improve circulation of the targeted area, reduce muscle tension and relieve pain within the first few treatments.

Stomach Massage for Gut Health

Gut health is important for all athletes. Athletes who suffer from digestive and general stomach pain may find relief through Deep Tissue Massage. Through firm stimulation, massage can relieve muscle tension and stress whilst assisting in digestion pathways and relieving constipation.

Back Pain

Back pain can be complex. Deep Tissue massage can reach deep and superficial trigger points which may be causing pain and discomfort which ultimately affects an athletes range of motion and perception of strength. Through massage, back pain sufferers will see improvement by increasing blood flow and decreasing pain sensitivity. 

Tennis Elbow

Deep Tissue Massage can provide beneficial relief to athletes suffering from golfers or tennis elbow (also known as lateral and medial epicondylitis). By releasing tight muscles surrounding the elbow, athletes will experience greater circulation and decreased tension of the joint, allowing greater range of motion and improved efficiency to rehab the injured sight. 


Deep Tissue Massage can assist athletes suffering from Sciatica by relieving muscle tension, reducing inflammation and allowing for greater muscle activation in neighbouring muscle groups. By decreasing muscle tension and painful spasms, remedial massage has been shown to significantly decrease nerve compression and as a result minimise neural compressive symptoms including tingling, sharp pains, pins and needles and uncontrolled muscle spasms.


A Positive headspace is extremely important for an athlete. Deep Tissue Massage can assist athletes struggling with anxiety due to its calming effect on the muscular and neurological system. By increasing blood circulation and creating the “feel good” response, athletes suffering from anxiety may greatly benefit from Remedial massage. 

Wry Neck

Deep tissue massage can significantly improve wry neck symptoms suffered by athletes. Most commonly caused by uncomfortable sleeping positions and poor posture, remedial massage can safely decrease pain and inflammation whilst improving range of motion and aiding the development of natural postural positions. 

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