Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist

Resistance Nutrition provides expert dietary advice and medical nutrition therapy for a wide range of health conditions and nutrition-related issues.


Resistance Nutrition provides expert nutrition advice through individual consultations and lifestyle programs. We understand that everyone's lifestyle and nutrition needs are different so we will provide you with personalised practical advice to suit your individual needs.


An Accredited Practising Dietitian is your nutrition expert!


Our amazing dietitian Renee is also an Accredited Sports Dietitian, she can help you interpret the science behind nutrition and help you fuel better for performance, manipulate body composition and take the guesswork out of how and what to eat in and around training. 


If you are spending hours in the gym or training and not getting the results you want, or recovering as effectively as you should its time to invest in a sports dietitian!

Renee martin

Your everyday nutrition is essential for success whether that be to improve performance, lose body fat, bulk up, or reduce your risk for chronic illness.


A Dietitian is not the food police but your number one fan and advocates to help you reach your health and well-being goals.


We all need accountability and correct nutrition information and guidance. There is never a better time than right now to take action!

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  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment

  • Individualised Meal and Race Plans

  • Body Composition Assessment (Skinfold report)

  • Individual and Team Sports

  • Long Distance Events

  • Triathlon

  • Food and Nutrition for Young Athletes

  • Supplement & Sports Nutrition Advice

  • Hydration and Sweat Testing

  • Vegan and Vegetarian nutrition

  • Irritable Bowel and FODMAPs

  • Nutrition for peri and post menopause

Dietitian near me, Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian, weightloss, food for performance, weight gain
Dietitian near me, Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian, weightloss, food for performance, weight gain