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Rehab is complex time consuming and at times repetitive. Traditional physiotherapy models will see athletes seeing physio weekly and being asked to perform their rehab solo without guidance. We see this as a huge disservice to our athletes. 

The Rehab Hub is a one of a kind physiotherapy service that allows our athletes to not only see their mentor physiotherapist one on one weekly but also attend daily Rehab group sessions supervised by our Sports Physiotherapists. Your program is specifically tailored to your body, your injury and the sport you are returning to. 

In Rehab, a specific program is an essential part of a successful return to your goal. These programs are designed to increase your workload and intensity over a four week period as you transition into your next updated program after re-testing. 

In the Rehab Hub, you will have access to 

One on One weekly Physiotherapy Consultations 

Unlimited Group Rehab Sessions

Gym Membership at Resistance Sports Science 

Access to Recovery Compression Boots and Massage Guns 

A physiotherapist as your mentor and coach 

The Rehab Hub is taking the athlete Rehab process to a level only experienced at elite sports clubs or academies. Semi-professional athletes in Queensland have never had greater support, mentorship and complete physiotherapy guidance as we take you from the week of your injury to the day you return to sport.

Rehab Hub
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Enoggera Physiotherapy Rehab Group Sessions & Classes

Rehab Hub Tailored to Your Goals 

Our Brief summary of Rehab for common Rehab Hub injuries

ACL Rupture 

Physiotherapy is essential for a successful ACL Rehab.


At the Rehab Hub Enoggera our Physiotherapists will see partial or complete ACL tears within the first few days of injury. Through gentle massage, dry needling, manipulations and mobilisations our Physiotherapy team will decrease pain and inflammation whilst improving the range of motion of the injured site. Every athlete suffering from an ACL tear will be guided through the entirety of the Rehab process as they progress from simple rehab to advanced plyometric and sports specific exercises. 

All athletes will be tested using Vald performance technology and each athlete will progress at their own pace with all programs written specifically to suit the individual athlete and their injury. 

Patella Tendinopathy

Physiotherapy management and progressive strength exercises are essential for athletes suffering from patella tendinopathy. Usually caused over time by excessive loading of the knee joint by running, sprinting and jumping and or weakness in the lower limb including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. This chronic condition is repairable through muscle release, load management and periodised strength programming.


The Rehab Hub Enoggera Physiotherapy team are equipped to see athletes suffering from Patella Tendinopathy from early signs of damage to long term chronic pain sufferers.

Muscle Strains

Physiotherapy is a crucial part of Rehab for athletes suffering from acute or persistent muscle strains. The Rehab Hub Enoggera Physiotherapy team will use a range of techniques to ensure pain, inflammation and fluid are reduced to improve range of motion and allow for increased exercise loading. The Rehab Hub Enoggera team take responsibility for seeing athletes only days post-injury and will write a specific program to ensure the athlete returns to play safely with minimal risk of re-injury.


Physiotherapy is an essential part of Rehab for any athletes suffering from acute bone fractures or persistent hairline stress fractures. A Enoggera Rehab Hub physiotherapist will ensure mobility stays as high as possible and pain levels stay low through the entirety of the rehab process.


After a period of rest, a physiotherapist will ensure you re-load the injured sight as safely but progressively as possible. Through a range of physiotherapy techniques, all athletes will have access to gentle massage through to ballistic plyometric exercises to ensure the athlete is ready to return to sport after completing an extensive return to sport testing battery.


Physiotherapy is an essential part of the Rehab process for athletes suffering from bursitis. This condition is a chronic injury usually caused by overloading the affected joint. Other factors may include poor posture and lifting mechanics.


Enoggera Physiotherapists treat bursitis by decreasing muscle tension around the affected joint and improving pain-free range of motion. This allows for greater muscle activation and strength exercises to improve movement dysfunction. 

Over time through rest, muscle relaxation and progressive strength loading our physiotherapy team will work with any athlete from the first sign of injury to an athlete suffering from long term chronic bursitis pain.  

Labrum Tears

Physiotherapy is an essential part of the Rehab process for an athlete suffering from a Labrum tear of any severity grade. A labral tear may be conservatively managed through Physiotherapy or it may require surgery. In both cases, The Rehab Hub Enoggera Physiotherapy teamwork to create a tailored strength and mobility program aimed at improving the strength of the muscles around the affected site. The physiotherapy team will work with your surgeon or other specialists to ensure each athlete returns to sport as safely and progressively as possible. 

Each athlete will be vigorously tested using the Vald performance testing technology to ensure asymmetry between limbs and risk of injury is within safe ranges. 

Shoulder Dislocations

Physiotherapy is an essential part of the Rehab process for an athlete suffering from acute or persistent shoulder dislocations. Separated into three injury types including posterior, anterior and inferior dislocations, our Enoggera Physiotherapy team will devise a structured rehab plan to ensure individualisation and specificity for all athletes. A combination of muscle releases and periodised strength programming will see athletes returning to the sport with minimal risk.

All athletes suffering from acute or persistent shoulder dislocations will advance to plyometric and ballistic type movements to ensure the shoulder is ready for impact, sudden changes in the environment and falls.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy is an essential part of the Rehab process for an athlete suffering from acute or persistent lower back pain. Lower back pain can be caused by many factors, these include but are not limited to, poor movement mechanics, tight and opposing weak muscle groups, decreased daily movement, sudden impact, previous injuries and poor posture. Finding the cause of the problem is The Rehab Hub Enoggera Physiotherapists first concern as they create a structured and tailored rehabilitation plan to suit the athlete’s lifestyle, training load and other external factors. 

Lower back pain is treated through a range of physiotherapy modalities including massage, dry needles, stretching, trigger points, manipulations, joint mobilisations and progressive strength programming. By improving the natural muscle balance causing pain, athletes can see progressive changes in their back pain, allowing them to return to sport quickly and safely.


Physiotherapy is an essential part of the Rehab process for an athlete suffering from Sciatica. Sciatica describes travelling nerve pain originating from deep in the buttock and can be caused by a protruding disc, bone spur or tight muscles compressing the nerve, creating a painful sensation down an athletes leg. The Rehab Hub Enoggera Physiotherapists are well equipped to Rehab athletes with this condition by gentle stretching, massage and progressive muscle activation exercises. 

Through consistency of Rehab, athletes will return to strength and sport-specific training under physiotherapy guidance to ensure a safe and progressive return to sport. 

Compartment Syndrome/Shin Splints

Enoggera Physiotherapy is an essential part of the Rehab process for an athlete suffering from Compartment Syndrome and or Shin Splints. This is a common injury found by athletes who have rapidly increased their training load, changed their running surface or have changed their gait due to previous injuries. Using physiotherapy techniques including massage, dry needles, manipulations, mobilisations, re-loading and strengthening of the posterior chain, athletes can see drastic improvements in their shin pain and return to sport safely.