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The everyday athlete membership is designed for parents and members of our athletes or everyday people who want training simplicity, a program to follow and supervision! This new membership gives opportunities for people who aren’t necessarily an athlete but still want to train safely, progress with a perodised program and see genuine results just like our athletes do! 

What does the program entail? 

The Everyday Athlete program is 2x 12-week phases of training separated into 3x4 week customised training blocks within each. Each 12-week phase will consist of technical lifting and education, strength training, cardio and core strength with each block of training progressively but safely increasing in weights to optimise resistance training adaptations. 

Each training phase will be split into the following blocks:

The Everyday Athlete Program



Block 01


Technique, Volume and Muscle Building - The aim is to teach each everyday athletes how to lift safely, with correct technique. This block will consist of lighter weights, higher reps and medium levels of muscle fatigue. In Block 1, our everyday athletes will be written 2x strength and 1x cardio sessions to complete weekly.


Block 02

 Introduction to strength training - The aim of this block is to lower the reps of each lift and increase the weights in a safe but effective progression.


Using the skills learnt in block one, you will see weekly increments added to your main lifts like squats, deadlifts and bench press whilst maintaining a steady balance of injury prevention exercises, core strength and cardio programs. In Block 2, our everyday athletes will be written 2x strength and 1x cardio sessions to complete weekly.

Block 03

High-Intensity Resistance Training - The last block of our phase consists of more cardio through varied resistance and high-intensity training techniques.


After 2 blocks of strength training, our everyday athletes will be able to use their new strength levels to push themselves harder and faster without the risk of injury! In Block 3, athletes will be written 2x conditioning and 1x strength sessions per week.

After every 12 week phase, our everyday athletes will be re-tested to ensure updated and valid strength numbers are accessible for the following phase! This also gives our everyday athletes a fantastic opportunity to assess how far they have come and where else they can see further improvements.

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Resistance Sports Science Brisbane's premier Athlete Hub is powered by State of Art Technology which enables our coaches to analyse real-time data and deliver elite-level programs to all of our athletes.


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VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science
VALD Performance Testing Resistance Sports Science

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everyday athlete

  • Free Gym Access

  • Strength and Power Program

  • Discounted Physiotherapy

  • Conditioning Programs

  • One on one Performance Testing and Evaluations


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Lucas Deer

Resistance Sport Science has the most amazing team and friendly staff. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone, who is looking for a friendly, welcoming gym in the Brisbane area. Their ability to encompass all things fitness is absolutely astounding, they have everything from a fully functioning gym, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, physios, and massage therapists. Their ability to envelop, everyone from elite athletes to the athlete's recovering from injuries is like no other gym found in Brisbane. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone and everyone.

Clara Smith, Athletics training, athletics strength training, endurance programs, endurance coaching

Clara Smith

I have been training with Resistance Sports Science for over a year now and they have immensely helped me with a sporting injury that I had while training to represent Australia on the world stage. They have given me sports specific strength and conditioning programs as well as improving my general fitness. The staff are extremely fun and welcoming and the gym is always clean. I am very happy with this venue and will be working with them in the future as I believe they have the knowledge that will help me succeed as an Australian Athlete. Very grateful.

Natassja Purontakanen, ACL Rehab, ACL Physio, ACL Exercise Physiology, Return to sport rehab

Natassja Purontakanen

I have been training with Dan who’s helping me with my late stages of rehab for an ACL injury. His knowledge has been nothing short of amazing not just to fix my injury but to make me a better and stronger athlete, his physio-guided programs and integration within his team has ensured me back to a full recovery.


My program is fully tailored for me and my sport, couldn’t recommend these guys enough!

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