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Valued Over $120

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Win a Performance Contract with your Results

The Athlete Hub is looking for Brisbane's best athletes! 


We are proud to announce that RSS will offer one male and one female athlete a 6-month contract to the Athlete Hub program! 


Test yourself with the RSS performance testing battery consisting of Strength, Power and performance measurements aimed to determine your power-to-weight ratio using the RSS performance formula.


The winner in both the men's and women's categories will earn their spot in the Athlete Hub program entitling them to personalised performance programs, a mentor S&C coach, free weekly physio and 2 further performance testing sessions to track data.

Analysing neuromuscular strength and imbalance

Real-time biofeedback

Track trends in athlete health and performance with longitudinal reporting

Actionable analytics, Accessible anywhere


Thanks for submitting, We'll be intouch to Book you in 
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Our state of the art performance testing equipment from Vald is used for many athletic and Rehabilitation typed assessments. With Valds ability to report longitudinally, the RSS team can leverage historical data analysis to make more informed decisions for the future of the athletes being tested. We can track trends in the health, performance and biomechanical movement patterns of each athlete and store unlimited amounts of data to our athlete performance database. 



Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualisation and cloud analytics, the NordBord is a comprehensive system for accurately quantifying and monitoring an athlete’s hamstring strength and asymmetrical imbalances. By measuring total strength and fatigue scores, our coaches can program precise exercises, reps, sets and total volume to maximise your lower limb strength, efficiency and endurance.




ForceDecks dual force plates enable unparalleled insights into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries and movement strategies. Via digital analysis, our RSS Performance and Rehab team can provide real-time biofeedback, providing athletes with on the spot coaching ques. Our Force Decks are the perfect measurement of Power with many athletes using this equipment as a foundation for goal setting and improvement.

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