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Are you an athlete in the off/pre-season? 


RSS Head of Performance Daniel Robson-Petch has created a 7-week running plan to help safely improve your 2km time trial for returning to pre-season and beyond! This program consists of 3x weekly running sessions including 1x deload week to ensure load management and injury avoidance. Each week progresses in distance and intensity and best of all, it’s specific to your current fitness level. This program is perfect for team sport athletes including AFL, Rugby, Soccer, Netball, League, Touch football, Basketball and even athletes just looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness! Before starting the program, every athlete must run a 2km time trial to ensure the program is accurate. This will maximise your output and create distances + intensities suited to you. 


Now is the perfect time to get back into running! Dominate fitness early and dominate your sport next season!

Benefits of the Pre-Season program 


  • Improve your 2km Time Trial Score in 7 weeks

  • Periodised to progress safely and efficiently over 7 weeks 

  • Decreased Return to Run Injury Risk 

  • Specific to every individual's current fitness level 

  • The Program can be reused

  • User Friendly google sheet document that anyone can use!

Whats included in the program?


  • 7 Weeks of Periodised Run Programming 

  • 1x Deload Week to minimise injury Risk 

  • Specific Distances and Intensities based on your current fitness levels

  • Easily adjusted excel cells!

Download The Running Program

Click here to download

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