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Junior Athlete
Hub Program

The Junior Athlete Hub is the future of Teenage Resistance training. With specific programs delivered to suit the age, physical capabilities and maturity of each athlete, our youth can have confidence that their program is designed for them. 


Every youth athlete in this program is assigned a mentor coach who specifically creates their own customised program, tailored to our athlete’s initial performance testing results and sports specific needs. 

  • Personalised Strength & Performance Programs

  • Weekly Plyometric & Speed Sessions

  • Athlete Performance Testing & Reporting

  • Gym Access 

  • Weekly Free Physiotherapy 

Who can join The Junior Athlete Hub?

Any Junior Athletes from the age of 11-16

When are The Junior Athlete Sessions?

Junior Athlete Hub Open Gym sessions are run daily Monday - Friday 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Junior athletes also have access to all classes listed on the Athlete Hub timetable including Learn to Lift, Boxing, Plyometrics, Speed and Agility + any new sessions added to the timetable.

Added Bonus

Any Athlete who joins the Junior Athlete Hub will be given a World Gym Stafford membership to train outside of class and hub hours.

What is the Price of The Junior Athlete Hub Membership?

The Junior Athlete Hub Membership is $69 weekly including your World Gym Stafford Gym membership, there are discount options for multiple athletes from the same family.

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The Pillars of Junior Performance

Strength Foundation

Juniors Athletes are active and typically playing multiple sports. This is great until they suffer from chronic injuries. Tendon and joint overloading are one of the biggest issues plaguing junior athletes and their success in professional sport. The Junior Athlete Program builds strength carefully with a periodised long term plan. Working their way up from bodyweight strength our juniors have lifted over their bodyweight in compound lifts like deadlifts and squats. They are stronger than their competition making them more robust and durable, giving them the opportunity for more game time!

Movement Mechanics

Being strong means nothing without correct technique and body awareness. Movement mechanics are the cornerstone for success as a teenage athlete. We teach our youth athletes how to move correctly through every lift and daily task. Squatting, deadlift, lunging, twisting, bending, extending, rotating and flexing. There is a risk to all movements if they are performed incorrectly and above all, consistently. Correct movement patterns transfer not only in the gym but to real-life ensuring our athletes stay injury-free.

Mind-Body Connection

What is Mind-Body Connection? At Resistance, we see it as the ability to send brain signals to specific muscles for contraction. Outside of contact injuries, injury occurs when athletes are unaware of their body in space and through repetition cause long term harm. Our junior athletes learn to contract specific muscles during specific movements to ensure maximum gains in strength and movement efficiency. This has demonstrated massive improvements in preventing and rehabbing lower back, knee and shoulder injuries.

Confidence, Self Esteem and Mental Health

We understand teenagers have much more in their life outside of sport and gym. Social, environmental and psychological formations are curating our teenager’s thoughts and actions. Anxiety and depression are rampant in our society so our Junior Athlete Hub is designed to stimulate positive feelings of confidence and self-worth. Not only do we create high performing athletes but we also assist in creating mentally free teenagers who love the body therein whilst appreciating their dedication and hard work it requires.


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