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Open group S&C is designed for individuals wanting the group training experience but are tired of the conventional high-intensity interval training methods. At Resistance, we tailor our sessions to you and your body. Join our strength sessions and experience what it’s like to train like an athlete. We teach you to train smart and efficiently plus we deliver fast and long-lasting results as shown in our test, re-test sessions. At Resistance we don’t jump until you learn how to land, we don’t lift heavy until you build a strong foundation and we don’t sprint until you can recover first. Welcome to a facility that doesn’t take shortcuts on your training, we will get you to your desired result with minimal risk of injury and in elite time.

Anaerobic Capacity

Our anaerobic capacity sessions are short and sharp group cardio sessions. If you are looking to get your heart rate up, burn calories, expend energy and get a full body workout, then this is perfect for you. Moving away from conventional high-intensity training, this method actually promotes greater rest over work. What does this do? It allows for greater intensity or energy expenditure during your workout. Wake up your type 2 (fast twitch) fibers in a fun and energetic environment with exercises tailored to you.

Strength Training

Our Strength training sessions are separated into hypertrophy, strength and power blocks. Hypertrophy (Muscle growth) is our first phase of the program. In this phase, you will learn how to move and lift effectively by maximal use of repetition.  Our coaches have devised a 4-6 week block of training to stimulate that adaptation of muscle growth. With greater muscle cross-sectional area we set up a greater potential for strength and decrease our risk of injury. Phase 2 encompasses strength. Think heavier weights and lower reps, the aim here is to increase the weight on your lifts which helps build robust and durable athletes. Finally, our power phase helps develop acceleration in your lifts. It’s one thing to be strong, but it’s another to be fast. Combine the two together and you have the ultimate athlete.

Aerobic Capacity

Our Aerobic Capacity sessions are a perfect way to improve your aerobic endurance. Think long working periods with minimal rest. The aim is to keep your heart rate consistently high to maximize total energy expenditure. See the improvements in body composition, recovery rates, and general fitness after consistent training. Pair these sessions with a run, swim or ride and feel the benefits intelligent aerobic training can do to your training.


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