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Custom Bike Fitting, Is It Worth It?

For every cyclist one question comes up every so often “do I need a professional bike fit?” and why would you when there are copious amounts of fitting information across all social media platforms. I was under the same opinion when I first started cycling, but since finishing my bike fitting course, I have spent hours on both epidemiological and biomechanics sides of bike fitting and with the dramatic increase of the number of people riding bikes both competitively and recreationally; I still hear the same question. Are they worth it?

The key processes all lead to optimising the position of the rider around the bike so they are experiencing maximum comfort and optimum power output. Both factors combined with aerodynamics creates the overall premise of a bike fit; to get optimum efficiency out of the rider, whilst also reducing the risk of injury. An improper fit can equate to three things. The inability to sustain optimum power output, extreme uncomfortable pain and a greater risk of chronic injury. Working with a bike fitter can not only reduce the aforementioned issues but can make a bike feel like the extension of one’s self. This means more focus can be put into applying power, focusing on the race, or simply enjoying the scenery.

There are many reasons that you should get down to see your local bike fitter, and depending on what you want to get out of the fit, the fitter should be able to answer all of your questions.

We have already spoken about the importance of comfort when riding a bike, but even if you already feel comfortable you may not be in a position that is optimising your power output. However, it’s a very common place for cyclists and triathletes alike to suffer from even small discomforts like numb hands, which can lead to later formed chronic injuries inducing time away from the sport. Even the smallest discomfort can take away from your overall performance on the bike.

The second most common biggest injuries are previous wear and tear injuries from a full knee reconstruction to shoulder bursitis, all contributing to how the rider fits on the bike. You will be amazed by how much can be accommodated for when it comes to previous injuries. A personal fitting will give you the rider a peace of mind that the fit is built around reducing the number of stressors acting upon the area of the previous injury.

The Endurance Zone

Personal anatomy irregularities are also huge around the endurance sporting world, ranging from limb discrepancies to inflexibility. Getting a professional fit is the only way to fix and solve these issues when it comes to changing components around your specific issues. Even when trying to fix these issues at home, the slightest output can result in injury as a result of muscles and tendons being placed under a load of stress.

In conclusion, everyone rides for different reasons, but it’s common normality for people to see what we can get out of our bodies and if you don’t have a good bike fit you are straining your muscles and tendons, even if you are in the ballpark of comfort. The value of a professional fit is like no other; continuing with an ill-fitting position, and sooner or later you are going to suffer an overuse injury. Taking time off the bike, many trips to the physio, MRI’s and physical therapy are all expenses that most of us would rather avoid. Getting a fit is well worth the investment and will pay a multitude of dividends in the long and short run. Keeping you out on the bike for longer, pain free and doing what you love!

For a professional road bike fitting, endurance Coach Lucas Deer is now booking spots at Resistance Sports Science. Bike Fitting measurements are tailored to you, this includes bike fitting for triathlon, mountain bike fitting and pro bike fitting for that extra 10% edge!


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