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Updated: Feb 22

How many session per week is the camp!?

We have 2 strength and 1x skills and conditioning session weekly

What days of the week!?

Our camp runs from Monday - Saturday and we ask that you come to 3x sessions per week.

What times are the sessions?

4:30 and 5:30pm daily!

Saturday’s at 9am!

Will I use weights?

Yes! Strength training is a vital part of an elite footballers schedule. Not

only for performance but for injury prevention and even rehab! Keep in mind, if you haven’t mastered body weight exercises, we might delay your time on the weights.

What does the conditioning session look like?

There will be a variety of skills, drills and running blocks designed to get you not just fit, but football fit and ready to take on the 2021 season

I’m 14 or 15 years old, am I too young for weights?

Absolutely not! Imagine Learning to lift properly with great technique at 14! What sort of advantage in strength would this give you compared to someone who starts at 17??

What are we testing?

You will have access to the same technology that AFL footballers have! We will be testing your hamstring strength, vertical jump, lower and upper body strength and mobility/injury prevention scores. This will be re-tested after 6 weeks to ensure you know you have improved!

What else can we expect ?

You have expert speakers coming down to give you an insight into how to train, fuel and recover like a pro. You will have access to professional Dietitians, physiotherapists and Massage therapists, all of which have worked with pro athletes. You will be given all of the information you will possibly need to succeed as an AFL. Did we mention that Daniel rich will be coming down to teach kicking and tackling!




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