RSS launches Brisbane recovery Hub for injured athletes!

Recovery Hub is Supporting Injured Athletes!

The Recovery Hub

Resistance Sports Science is pleased to announce the commencement of Brisbane's Recovery Hub for injured athletes as of the 12th of April 2021. The Recovery hub is led by in house Physiotherapists who will guide an athlete from an acute injury to returning to performance. The Recovery Hub can be claimed via your sports injury insurance, meaning that most or even all expenses are paid for! (This depends on your club's level of cover).

Every athlete who joins the Recovery Hub will have access to the following


  • Unlimited access to Recovery Hub Group Rehab Sessions

  • 1x one on one weekly Physiotherapy Consultation

  • Regularly Updated Rehab programs

  • A nominated Physiotherapist to act as your Rehab mentor

  • Access to RSS Recovery equipment including Electro Stimulation and Massage Guns

  • Gym Access between 5am and 10:45pm

What is Sports Injury insurance?

Are you a registered player for your sports club? If you have registered, paid your fees and hurt yourself playing sport, you are eligible to claim your rehab expenses at Resistance Sports Science. The Recovery Hub program is covered by all Sports Injury providers!

What level of cover do I have available to me?

Check with your sports club as to the level of cover you have available. Some sporting organisations like Rugby League cover you for 100% of your rehab! Most AFL clubs will have up to 90% cover! Your club president, treasurer or secretary should know the details.

How do I receive the rebate?

Once you have paid for your weekly Recovery Hub membership, your designated Resistance Sports Science Rehab Coach will send you weekly receipts for you to send on to your nominated insurer. They will refund you upon your invoice submission.

When does my injury insurance stop?

There are three ways in which you will run out of cover in most circumstances. (this may change depending on your clubs level of cover)

  1. You use all the available funds given by the insurer

  2. Your injury is over 12 months old

  3. You go back and play your first game.

When are the Group Rehab Sessions?

The Recovery Hub group rehab sessions are 5-6pm every weekday. These are led by our internationally renowned physiotherapy team.

Where is the Recovery Hub?

The Recovery Hub is within the Resistance Sports Science facility at Enoggera

What Injuries are typically covered?

In most cases pre-exisiting injuries are not covered by insurance. New injuries experienced on the playing field are almost certainly covered. These include but are not limited to:

Ankle Pain

ACL Ruptures

Meniscus Tears

LCL and MCL Tears

Muscle Strains and Tears


Fractured or broken bones

Disc Protrusions



Ankle Sprains

Rotator Cuff Injuries


Golfers/Tennis Elbow

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