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As an Exercise Professional, nothing is more important than maintaining momentum with your clients. The one thing guaranteed to slam the brakes on for both you?  Injury. 


Whether it’s an aching back, a shoulder twinge, or a niggly knee, injury presents a turning point for your relationship. If you have the skills to help guide your client through to recovery, you can both keep moving forward.  The pace may have slowed, but they have confidence in you, and you feel great about your contribution. If you don't know what to do with their pain (or yours), you will join the ranks of your peers, grumbling about the impact that injury is having on your business as yet another booking bites the dust. The choice is yours.


Don't let lack of knowledge hold you back. Rise above mediocrity. Rehab Trainer has the world’s best short courses in injury management for Fitness Professionals. Taught by elite Sports Physiotherapists, we have one aim: to equip you to understand and deal with pain and chronic injury in your clients.



Rehab Trainer Founder and Educator

APA Sports Physiotherapist

Rehab Trainer was founded by highly experienced Australian Sports Physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen, who brings with him 25 years of injury management at elite and social sports levels.

After years of working with coaches and Personal Trainers, Ulrik realised that one of the main frustrations for Fitness Professionals was dealing with chronic pain and niggling injuries in their clients. Whether it is the re-emergence of an old football injury or the sudden onset of pain while doing a particular exercise, if not dealt with effectively, clients ended up dropping out, creating a hole in the Trainer’s diary and disillusionment for the client.

Ulrik realised the need for some education to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness industry, and so Rehab Trainer was born.


Rehab Trainer Educator Middle East, United Kingdom and Asia Physiotherapist

Chris is a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Human Movement Educator, writes extensively for the monthly web based Sports Injury Bulletin.


In the past few years Chris has heavily focused on using his experience to help coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists prevent and manage injuries in their clients through the Rehab Trainer courses.


He has worked with elite level State and National level rugby and football teams in Australia, the UK and France.


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