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Rehab Hub Program

The Rehab Hub is Queensland’s most extensive Athlete Return to sport program. Led by experienced dual degree Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, our experienced team can guide you through the Rehab journey from the day of injury to the moment you return to sport.

Whether you are managing a long-term injury, experienced a recent sporting injury or looking to up-level your injury prevention the Rehab Hub program is  the solution.

Receive the level of physiotherapy support only available in elite sport organisations. The Rehab Hub will give you access to weekly one on one appointments and daily group rehab sessions guided by the Rehab Hub team. Leave your injury in our hands and take the guesswork out of returning to competition. 


Our expert coaches are educated at university level delivering intelligent and personalised programming along your rehab journey. Maximise your athletic potential by joining the Rehab Hub.


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What does joining the Rehab Hub Look like?

Upon joining the Rehab Hub, you will start with a comprehensive initial consultation led by a Rehab Hub Physiotherapist. This is a complex and in-depth assessment focused on your current injury, the injury cause, external lifestyle factors and previous exercise/sport history. This assessment will comprise of muscle and joint testing, muscle activation and range of motion to diagnose the issue or potentially refer you for imaging if so required. Athletes who have already undertaken scans will be asked to bring these to their consultation for our Rehab Hub staff to read, assess and create an action plan. 


Every athlete will walk away from the initial consultation with a detailed plan of action, rough timelines for returning to sport and homework exercises to get the Rehab process started. Every Athlete participating in the Rehab Hub will also be written their very own specific exercise and rehab program. Our Physiotherapists are also highly qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches! With years of experience at returning high-level athletes to sport, The Rehab Hub physiotherapists will guide you through the entirety of the Rehab process, making the Rehab Hub the most equivalent program to elite sport on the market. 


Ongoing you will see your designated Rehab Hub Physiotherapist weekly whilst participating in small daily Exercise Rehab group sessions led by the Rehab Hub physiotherapy team. This is program assisted and facilitated coaching, ensuring your program is consistently updated and progressed based on your level of competence through the sessions. You will join many other like-minded retuning athletes post-injury, whose goal is to return stronger, fitter and more durable than before the injury! 


The physiotherapy team is also adaptable to your situation. If they believe you will benefit from outdoor agility/running sessions in comparison to in house exercise, they will give you notice in advance as they set you up with our highly regarded return to run program.


Each athlete will be regularly tested to set new benchmarks for their training. These results will be forwarded to any necessary coaching staff, surgeons, doctors or other officials who have been guiding the athlete through the injury. Once our Physiotherapy team is happy that the injury is becoming more adaptable, they will guide your load management to ensure a progressive and safe return to training and eventually competition. Upon your final testing results, if the injury is comparable to the other limb or is at industry standards, your physiotherapist will tick you off and send you back to sport.

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per week

What's Included in the Program?

  • 6 x Physio Consultations Monthly

  • Unlimited Access to Recovery Hub Rehab Sessions

  • Unlimited Access to Athlete Hub Sessions

  • Private Health Rebated & Insurance Claimable 

  • Quarterly Performance, Nord Bord and Force Decks Testing 

  • Return to Run Programs

  • Physio Programming, Guidance and Mentoring

  • Access to Specific Referrals and External Physicians

Can I claim the Rehab Hub on my Private Health?

Yes, you can! All of our Athletes can claim Rehab Hub services using their private health as long as you have physiotherapy cover.

Can I claim the Rehab Hub on my Sports Insurance Post-injury?

Yes! Our Physiotherapists are Sports Insurance specialists. They will help you with any paperwork during your initial consultation and direct you further if required. Our Physiotherapists have helped athletes claim between 60-100% back of all Rehab Hub services!

Who is the Rehab Hub designed for?

The Rehab Hub is for any athlete looking to return to sport, work or normality post-acute injury or suffering through long term chronic pain. RSS Physiotherapy staff are highly qualified and experienced rehab specialists who can guide the athlete from the moment of injury until they return to sport. The Rehab Hub team has successfully rehabbed many injuries including complex multifocal pathologies, acute muscular strains/tears, ligaments tears/ruptures, tendinopathies, headaches/neck spasms, recurrent foot and ankle pain, sprains and many other conditions. If you are an athlete who is being limited by pain, our Rehab Specialists will have you returning to sport in elite time frames.

What is the plan once Rehab is complete?

All the athlete programs at Resistance Sports Science are integrated with communication between coaches and experts to ensure your program achieves unparalleled results as you reach your maximum athletic potential. When your rehab is complete you will have the option to join the Athlete Hub program.

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