Are you suffering from chronic pain? Rehab through exercise restores your body’s natural balance of push to pull strength. When your body sits in alignment, tight and overactive muscles are given a chance to relax. This not only deceases pain but will improve everyday function and strength.

Team Strength & Conditioning 

Resistance Sports Science gives the opportunity for sport teams to train like the elite. High energy, structured and personalised resistance and aerobic sessions make us the best in the business. Each individual athlete is tested, given personalised data and re-evaluated throughout the program. This gives both the athletes and coaches clear measures of improvement.

Periodised Programming

Every individual that walks into a consultation at Resistance Sports Science is given a clear and decisive plan explaining how to reach their goals within the timeframe they are after. Whether it’s building strength for an upcoming competition, returning to sport or work after Injury or morphing your body shape to your desire. Everything is structured and planned accordingly.

1 on 1 Performance Training

This is gold standard training for any athlete. Nothing is more specific, personalised or targeted for you than a Resistance 1 on 1 Exercise Science training session. This is guaranteed to give you the quickest result with long lasting effects. You can expect ongoing support, regularly updated programs plus training sessions tailored to you.

Nutrition & Dietetics

A dietitian will work one on one with you to discuss your health concerns and how your diet can assist in achieving your health care and lifestyle goals.

A dietitian can assist you managing so many conditions and work closely with you to achieve the best outcomes. A Dietitian assist with weight loss, diabetes, irritable bowl syndrome, celiac disease as well as the following:


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