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Athlete Performance 
Testing @ The Hub

What are the benefits of in-season performance testing?

  • Clear analytic data to prevent injuries and portray strength asymmetries

  • Insight into potential athlete growth and programming re-structure

  • Re-measure from previous data for maximum athlete performance

Why Should Athletes test? 


Individual and team sports are physically demanding on an athletes body. With athletes participating in hundreds of hours a year in training, it is important to understand an athlete’s physical threshold and risk of injury. At RSS we specialise in keeping athletes strong, robust and available to keep training whilst significantly decreasing their risk of injury. 


The RSS performance testing protocol consists of analysing asymmetry between athletes, total power output, reactive strength index, maximal strength, mobility concerns and potential injury risk factors. This is to be performed by our University qualified Performance and Rehab specialists.


This testing protocol will generate informative data suggesting what athletes will require for future training blocks and provide further opportunities for athletes to gauge an understanding of their body and how it can find that extra 1-10% in output.

What’s included: 

  • Specific Testing for Teams and Individuals

  • Individual Data Analytics and Results

  • Results sent to coach with performance description liaising from personal Athlete Hub Coach